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Welcome to my Home page!

Everyone should be able to have accessible, non-prejudiced medical care.

Sadly, many people don't have access to this kind of medical care and that can lead to disastrous outcomes especially in birth spaces. Because of this everyone should have access to kind, evidence based support by doulas as they navigate and get care in systems that are often biased and are hard to navigate. 

This is my goal. If you are looking for a doula who is LGBTQIA+, and approaches support with an evidence-based framework I may be the doula for you. If not I am happy to send you over to some other amazing doulas. 
I'm teaching Birth Classes!
Starting the third week of June I am going to host an online Cesarean Preparation Class. Each class will meet twice. These classes are intended to be short, informative and use gender-neutral and anatomical language.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in this class. 

1st Class: Pregnancy (hormones and their functions, pregnancy complaints and complications) 
                Home preparations (tips on how to arrange your home to maximize healing and minimize stress)
                Birth (cesarean birth plan and discussion of options, what it is like before, during and immediately after your birth) 
2nd Class: Recovery (in hospital)
                  Healing (recommendations, warning signs, and resources) 
                  Postpartum (postpartum mental health warning signs/symptoms, and identifying support people)
                  Infant Feeding (discussion and resources covering chestfeeding, formula feeding, combination feeding and more!)





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