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What is a Fertility Doula???

Updated: May 7, 2023

Hello and welcome to my second post of International Doula Month 2023!
Today I will be covering Fertility Doulas.
Flowers swirling on the edges of a pink background. The words "What is a Fertility Doula?" lay in the center.
Fertility Doulas provide emotional and educational support for their clients as they navigate through the many options that are available to those going through a fertility journey.

A Fertility Doula's role changes depending on their clients needs. For clients just beginning their conception journey a fertility doula may provide evidence-based information on tracking/charting ovulation, and local holistic resources for their clients to utilize. they can also help by providing education on the processes of fertility and conception so that everyone is on the same page. If their client is further along in their fertility journey the Doula is available to provide education on different treatment options including medications, and different forms of reproductive technology. They also provide a shoulder for their clients to lean on as they navigate options for fertility treatments, and find supportive providers.

When should you hire a Fertility Doula?

A Fertility Doula can be contacted at many different points in your fertility journey.

- When you're first consider trying to conceive or intend to start your journey in the coming months.
Your doula can provide the insight and support that you need to start your journey.

- When you feel frustrated after months of trying to conceive.
Your doula can tell you Holistic options near you, and equip you with an evidence-based understanding of fertility and how to properly track your cycles.

- When you investigate infertility options.
Having a doula to provide information and emotional support, in a non-judgmental fashion, while you explore your treatment options can be a game-changer.

- When you are navigating fertility treatments.
Your Fertility Doula's support includes a mind/body approach to complement and support these treatments.

No matter where you are on your fertility journey a Fertility Doula will be there to support you with understanding kindness.

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