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What is International Doula Month?

Updated: May 7

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You may have heard that May is International Doula Month and you may be wondering:

When did May become International Doula Month?

That is a great question!

In 1998 DONA International, a large Doula training and certifying association, started to celebrate May as International Doula Month. This was in an effort to increase awareness of the wonderful work that birth and postpartum doulas do around the world.

This effort was not in vain because now many Doula associations, Birth oriented businesses, organizations and other birth workers continue to celebrate May as International Doula Month.

Since 1998 many new forms of Doula have emerged including some that have nothing to do with birth and reproduction. It is my goal this May to highlight some of the different types of Doulas and how they serve their communities.

Sneak peak into what I will be covering this month.
Full Spectrum

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